10GB Free Internet Data from Airtel/Prepaid Airtel Recharge Offers


10GB Free Internet Data from Airtel 4G

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As of now Reliance Jio is soon ending their flagship free internet data services with Happy New Year offer and introducing a new free which is not entirely Free, but it has all the major freebie functionality such are free 4G unlimited internet high speed up to 1GB daily and post usage of 128kbps along with this Jio customer will be getting daily 100 SMS, free unlimited voice, and video calls for 28 days with Jio Prime service 10GB Free Internet Data from Airtel

How to get Airtel 10GB Data for Price of 1GB

  • The Airtel 10 GB for Rs. 259 Offer permits an Airtel prepaid customer in India to enjoy 10GB data at the cost of 1 GB by purchasing a 1GB recharge pack and claiming free 9GB data against same.
  • A client shall be eligible to benefit from the advantages of the Offer upon acquisition of a new 4G enabled handset on which the customer must purchase a 1GB recharge pack and log onto the MyAirtel App from the phone for the first time to claim the Free Data by clicking on the link
  • Buy Airtel 10GB Data at Price of 1GB: 10GB @ Rs. 250 Offer