Beginners guide to hacking 2017

Beginners guide to hacking
Beginners guide to hacking

Beginners guide to hacking 2017

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How to Hack SOMEONE WhatsApp Chat 2017

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Hack Facebook account password with android phone

Guide to Hacking terms you should know

keylogger: basically these are software which record every word type by us know we on opening online accounts like Gmail, twitter or Facebook it record our username and password and it will mail automatic to hacker after a regular time interval. keylogger has 2 types

Software keylogger: These are basically software which records every keystroke
Hardware keylogger: Hardware keylogger are is hardware device which needs to connect to computer then it record our key activity

Beginners guide to hacking 2017
Beginners guide to hacking 2017

Rats: Rat (remote access trojan) is malware program. Once hacker installs Rat on a target computer then they can install any backdoor on your Pc.

Backdoors: These are malicious software used by hackers for access for computer hacker can do the following tasks with the help of backdoor trojan

  • Collect information
  • control tasks and processes
  • Download additional files
  • Upload files and user content
  • Change computer settings
  • Shut down or restart the computer

DDOS attack: DDoS (denial-of-service) is not a hacking method but it is used for slow down a web server with too many requests. A successful DDoS attack can crash the server.

Operating system used by hackers

Generally, hackers use Kali Linux for hacking. It has more than 300 tools for pen testing. Kali Linux is available free of cost. Some other os used by hackers.

  1. Backbox
  2. Parrot-sec forensic os
  3. Deft
  4. Livehackingos
  5. NodeZero
  6. There are 3 types of hacker
      1. Blackhat Hacker: These hackers are criminals they miss use hacking knowledge.
      2. White hat hacker:  These hackers are ethical hacker or they use their knowledge for protecting computers
      3. Gray hat hacker:  This type of hacker work for money or you can they work like both white hat and gray hat hackers.hack tutorials for beginners,

      1. FINAL WORDS:hacking secrets exposed,how to become a hacker in 15 minutes,learn how to hack for beginners free,learn how to hack facebook passwords,teach me to hack,hacking for beginners book,