Samsung Galaxy S8 First Look Video : Leaked &Specification


Samsung Galaxy S8 First Look Video: Leaked  &Specification 2017

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked photos

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked photos
Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked photos

As per the leak, Samsung is planning to release two variants of Galaxy S8 with the smaller variant having the 5.8-inch display while the bigger variant with 6.2 inch display. Both variants will have the QHD Super AMOLED displays with curved edge display on both sides with a screen to body ratio of 83% with no home button and  no flat display variant. The devices come with 18.5:9 aspect ratio which is a slight deviation from conventional industry-standard 16:9 and is nearer to LG G6 rumored aspect ratio of 18:9. The S8 display will finally be supporting the pressure sensitive touch, but only to the lower portion of the display.

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In terms of specifications, the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 is backed by 3000 mAh battery, while the bigger 6.2-inch variant is backed by a 3500 mAh one. Under the hood, it Galaxy S8 (in US) is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor along with   4 GB of RAM and at least 64 GB of expandable storage space. A USB C type port and 3.5 mm audio jack is present at the bottom along with stereo speakers. The image leaked show the fingerprint sensor at the back instead of being embedded in the front display as rumored earlier.